CD Review: WOW Hits 2014 (Part 2)

Hey peeps! Here’s part 2 of my review on WOW Hits 2014. (BTW, I realized in Part 1, I accidentally provided the wrong link to “Restore” by Chris August. I have now updated that post and have put in the correct link.)

Okay, so moving right along, let’s get started with disc 2 of this fantabulous CD!

1. Building 429-“We Won’t Be Shaken”-Ahh, I love this song, and I haven’t heard it in forever!! It’s basically about how, even though you will have difficulties in your life, you will still be able to trust God and your faith in Him will (hopefully) not be shaken.

2. TobyMac-“Steal My Show”-What a great song! This was the song that made me realize that I actually liked TobyMac. Before hearing this one, I had heard some of his slightly more annoying songs that ticked me off, so I just assumed I didn’t like any of his songs! Turns out I was wrong. This song has such a great message–it’s about letting God take over and work through you.

3. Britt Nicole-“Gold”-This is a perfect song for all those insecure teenagers who feel like they don’t fit in with the other kids their age-or for those who are being teased about being “different”, etc. Britt tells us that in God’s eyes, you are “worth more than gold”! (Britt, in my opinion, is the queen of these “stand-out-from-the-crowd” type of songs. She has another song with a similar message to this one in her song “Headphones”-which was actually the VERY FIRST Christian song I ever heard, and the song that got me into this type of music. Here’s the link if you wanna check it out: Britt Nicole – Headphones (Official Music Video):

4. Third Day-“I Need A Miracle”-Another awesome song that revolves around the amazement of miracles. The song tells of people who prayed to God for miracles, and then received them. Of course, miracles don’t always happen, but when they do, you know they’re from God! I really love this song; Third Day does a terrific job with this song.

5. For KING & COUNTRY-“The Proof Of Your Love (Monologue Mix)”-All right, I am literally obsessed with these guys. Joel and Luke Smallbone are talented, extremely good-looking, and happen to be from Australia…what’s not to love? Plus, they are the younger brothers of veteran Christian artist Rebecca St. James (who is seriously my all-time favorite Christian singer ever, her music is amazing!!).This song (which also includes a monologue recited by Joel) just talks about the importance of love and is definitely one of my absolute favorite tracks on this disc.

6. Plumb-“Need You Now (How Many Times)”-In this song, Plumb (whose real name is Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, believe it or not) sings about being able to rely on God in tough times, and about all the times He has helped her through difficult events in her life. An interesting piece of information: the album that this song is on, which was originally going to be called Faster Than A Bullet was actually retitled to Need You Now in honor of the Sandy Hook shooting victims.

7. Colton Dixon-“You Are”-A newcomer to the Contemporary Christian crowd, Colton talks about how God is everything to him in this song. If Colton sounds familiar to any of you, there’s a good reason for that-he was actually a finalist on season 11 of American Idol. Though I don’t watch the show, he must have done quite well on it to decide to launch a singing career.

8. Mandisa-“Overcomer”-I absolutely love this song-it is so uplifting!! Mandisa (who also was an Idol finalist, from Season 5) reminds us in this song that with God’s help, we can overcome anything. What a great, positive message!

9. Tenth Avenue North-“Worn”-As much as I love Tenth Avenue North (especially their song By Your Side), this one is not one of my favorites. In my opinion, the song just seems to be kind of depressing, and it’s also pretty long. My opinion aside, it’s a very nice song. It discusses how God has a plan for everyone, even for those who are weak and hopeless.

10. Group 1 Crew-“His Kind Of Love”-Before I got this CD, I had never heard (or heard of!) this song before. I had only heard one song by this group, which I did like, but I never paid attention to any of their other songs. Well, I sure am glad I paid attention to this one. This song, which talks about God’s great love, instantly became my number-one favorite track on disc 2, and to this day remains one of my favorites.

11. Audio Adrenaline-“Kings and Queens”-Another one of my absolute favorite tracks! I had never listened to Audio Adrenaline before I heard this song. It’s such a fantastic song about the poor and how, in God’s eyes, all children are kings and queens to Him.

12. Newsboys-“Live With Abandon”-Alright, let me just say this right now: I don’t like the “new” Newsboys. (The original lead singer, Peter Furler, left the group a few years ago and was replaced by Michael Tait.) I have nothing against Michael Tait-he has a nice voice and some of the “new” songs that feature him I do like. However, this is not one of them. I don’t know why, maybe because it was overplayed on K-LOVE when the song was first released, but I just don’t like it. The song does have a great message, though: that you should surrender to God’s will, and do what He wants, not what you want.

13. Needtobreathe-“Keep Your Eyes Open”-I’m not a huge fan of this group, mainly because the lead singer’s voice is quite hard to understand, in my opinion. Plus every song I’ve heard by them so far seems to mention drowning in the ocean. But apart from all that, this is a very nice song, and I did like it the first time I heard it (which was when I first got the CD). I don’t like it as much now, but that’s fine, right? It’s basically about being strong in life and “keeping your eyes open”.

14. Rhett Walker Band-“When Mercy Found Me”-I’m not too familiar with this group. This song is also not one of my favorites-I think I might have listened to it maybe one time? But anyway, this song is about how a person’s life changes when he gets to know the Lord.

15. Kutless-“Even If”-A nice song with a wonderful reminder: if we are struggling with something and ask for healing, God may not give it to us right away. But that’s okay, because then we can remember that God knows what He’s doing, and accept His will for our lives.

16. Everfound-“Never Beyond Repair”-Before receiving this CD, I had never even heard of this group. It turns out that they are from Russia, which is pretty cool. While this song bores me-I honestly don’t think I ever listened to the entire thing-it has a great message. Your life can never be too broken for God to fix! He will always forgive you!

Bonus Tracks:

17. The Afters-“Every Good Thing”-A really awesome song about thanking God for everything He has given you. I don’t know very many songs by this group, but this one is really terrific.

18. Natalie Grant-“Hurricane”-This is a great song about how, no matter what you’re struggling with, God will always be there to help you through it. Natalie Grant has a really fantastic voice. If you liked this song, you should check out some of her others!

19. Josh Wilson-“Carry Me”-What a great song, and a great way to the end the CD! The message of the song is that God will “carry you” through your suffering, if you just ask Him to help you. I believe this song was written was Josh was struggling with panic attacks. This is a song that I think everyone can relate to in some way.

Well, that’s a wrap on Disc 2 of WOW Hits 2014! I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this album, and hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts. This is the only WOW album I own at the moment, but I may eventually review others since I know several of the songs on the other albums. Thanks for reading!


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