Talent Battle: Chapter 1

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be posting the first chapter of a story I wrote a long time ago, back in the summer of 2013. The story is called Talent Battle, and it’s about what happens when a girl named Amy and her cousin participate in a “sing-off” at a family Fourth of July party. So without further ado, here is chapter 1 of the story. I hope you enjoy!!!

Chapter 1

It was a hot, sunny, July afternoon-the Fourth of July, to be exact. In our small yellow house, my parents and I were busy getting ready. Getting ready for what, you ask? Well, we were getting ready to head to my Aunt Katrina and Uncle Tom’s house for a Fourth of July barbeque with my entire family. All of my cousins would be there, which made me excited. I was especially excited to see my cousin Lauren. She was seventeen, one year older than me. We were super alike in many ways: we both had blond hair, played guitar, wrote songs, and loved to sing. Lauren, along with her older-by-one-year brother, Dylan, her parents, and Yellow Lab dog Sunburst, lived a little far away from my family’s house, so we didn’t get to see each other all the time.

The more I thought about Lauren, the more excited I became. I could barely concentrate on doing my hair! I had to re-do my bun three times before I finally got it right. Luckily, by then, it was time to go. My mom, dad, and I hopped into our car and began to drive to Aunt Katrina and Uncle Tom’s house.
“Amy,” my mom said, “stop playing with your seatbelt like that. You know better!”
“Sorry, Mom,” I laughed, as I stopped stretching the top of my seatbelt out until it reached the passenger seat of the car. “I’m just so excited about seeing Lauren today.”
“I know you are, sweetie,” my mom replied. “And I know exactly how you feel. It’ll be good to see Aunt Deborah again.” My mom and Aunt Deborah-Lauren’s mom-were sisters.
“And don’t forget-Uncle Nate, Aunt Rachel, Paul, and Shannon are coming to the party from Wisconsin,” my dad added.
“I could never forget, Dad!” I replied. Paul and Shannon, my other cousins, who were eighteen and sixteen, were awesome snowboarders. Since they lived really far away, I didn’t get to see them too often. It was always fun to talk to them about their snowboarding skills. Today, it would be great for all of us cousins to finally get together again.

No doubt about it-this party was going to be awesome!

That’s all for Chapter 1, but stay tuned for the next part (which will hopefully be posted pretty soon)!


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