A Really Important Lesson

Recently, I discovered the old Disney Channel series called Even Stevens. Personally, I think this series is a lot better than some of the stuff Disney Channel offers nowadays. The show is about a boy named Louis, who likes to cause trouble, and his older sister Ren, who is a perfectionist. The two constantly get into all kinds of problems at their junior high school. The series ran from 2000 to 2003, but until about six months ago, I had never watched it before. There are two very good reasons for this. First of all, when the series was around, I was really little, and secondly, my family didn’t get the Disney Channel back then. One day last fall, I stumbled upon the series on YouTube, and decided to check it out. I now think it is one of the best shows that I have ever seen! And I don’t like a whole bunch of TV shows, so this is saying a lot for me.

Anyway, today I decided to watch an episode called Snow Job. (BTW, I still haven’t seen half the episodes of this show yet!) Some parts of it were actually pretty funny, but it also contained a super important lesson. Here’s what the episode was about (be prepared for a long summary, haha):

Louis was struggling in algebra, and instead of actually doing the work in class, he would just fool around and do dumb things like draw the state of Utah on the blackboard when he was supposed to complete a problem. (Seriously.) At the end of class, Louis’s teacher reminded the students about their math midterm, which was taking place the next day. Instead of studying, Louis rigged up a plan to cancel school, so he wouldn’t have to take the test. Of course, his plan ended up failing. Louis got caught and was suspended from school for a week. During that time, his mother taught him, and Louis did well in everything but algebra. However, Louis was able to avoid his mom’s help with algebra by saying he already did the problem she assigned him in his head. Louis’s mother just told him to do the problem again for homework. Louis couldn’t get the right answer, and later confessed to Ren that he was having a really hard time with algebra. He didn’t want to tell his teacher, though, because he was afraid everyone would think Louis was dumb. Ren convinced her brother that it was definitely okay to ask for help. So, when Louis went back to school, he raised his hand in class and said that he didn’t understand the lesson. And guess what? No one made fun of Louis for asking for help! In fact, his teacher gave him plenty of help after school, and Louis finally began to understand algebra.

This was a really terrific episode of the show that included a great lesson: it’s definitely okay to ask for help–with anything, not just algebra. Even if you feel dumb for requesting help, remember, others probably won’t look at you the same way. Chances are, they might be struggling with the exact same thing. They’ll probably be really jealous of the fact that you got up enough courage to say, “Hey, can you help me with this?”. 🙂

I’ve posted a video of the episode (which also includes another plot that involves Ren trying to master pole-vaulting) below. Check it out if you want, and I really hope you enjoy!!!


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