I Can Not Get This Out Of My Head….

Hi guys! Today I want to share with you a terrific song by the Christian band For King & Country. The song (which is one of their newest) is called Shoulders. Basically the message in the song is about how God is able to carry all of our anxieties, problems, etc. on His shoulders. I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately-it’s just so good! The only bad thing is that now I don’t think I will ever be able to get it out of my head!

Anyway, enjoy the song and have a great day!


10 thoughts on “I Can Not Get This Out Of My Head….

  1. I love that song too! I also like Beyond Me by TobyMac. Have you seen any Christian artists in concert? I’ve seen Matthew West, Unspoken, Jason Gray, Lindsey McCaul, and Carrollton. I’ll be seeing a lot more like Colton
    Dixon and Jeremy Camp this summer at LifeFest! I really recommend Matthew West. Another fantastic post! Bye for now!


  2. Hi Brianna!
    I know, isn’t it such a great song? I love For King & Country. Do you know their song “The Proof Of Your Love”? It’s one of my favorites.
    Ooh, Beyond Me is an awesome one too! 🙂
    No, I haven’t, but that’s so cool that you’ve seen so many! I never heard of Lindsey McCaul or Carrollton before, but I think I need to check them out. 🙂
    Ooh, that’s so exciting! Colton Dixon and Jeremy Camp are great!
    And I love Matthew West! What’s your favorite song by him? I think mine is probably “My Own Little World” or “Hello My Name Is”, but I also love his new song “Day One”. Thank you so much for your compliments, Brianna! Have a great day!! 🙂


    • By the way, I think it’s fantastic that tons of people online (like you) like Christian music! Hardly anyone I know in real life does, which is a real shame. It’s pretty much all I listen to!


    • I know, there are so many good ones! Some of my favorites are For King & Country (of course), Rebecca St. James (she has a GREAT voice!!!), ZOEgirl, Jump5, Matthew West, TobyMac…the list goes on and on. 🙂
      If you’ve never listened to For King & Country, I’d recommend giving them a try. They have a lot of good songs! One of my favorites is “The Proof Of Your Love”.


    • Cool! I don’t know that one, but I’ll have to check it out. Or on second thought, maybe not…if you can’t get it out of your head, I probably won’t be able to get it out of mine! 🙂

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