Ten Things You’d Never Guess About Me

Hi all!! Today I thought it would be fun to do a post where I list ten things about me that you’d probably never guess. Let’s get started!!

1. I have a major sweet tooth. I absolutely love all kinds of candies and desserts (good thing Easter’s coming up, right? šŸ˜‰ ). Brownies, cakes, pies, you name it! Besides eating them, I also love to bake them!

2. I have a major fear of bugs and mice. Ughhh, I just can’t stand any type of bug, except for butterflies, ladybugs, and occasionally ants. I especially hate crickets, centipedes, stinkbugs…basically any insect that has a bunch of legs or jumps out at me (or both)! And don’t even get me started with mice. Sadly our house had been visited by several lately…one even visited in the daytime while I was doing school, and I SCREAMED so loudly!! (Luckily, my dog did end up killing it. šŸ˜‰ )

3. I spend money very easily. If I see something I really, really want (which is pretty often in my case), and I have money, about three-fourths of the time I will buy it. It’s probably not the best quality to have, but sometimes it’s just too hard to resist buying something! I try to be a smart shopper, though, and think about whether or not I desperately want the item. before I buy it.

4. I love writing stories. They’re so much fun, and anything you want can happen in them. Right now I especially love to write
stories involving some of my favorite Christian singers and bands (especially Rebecca St. James and For King & Country-I’m planning to post a story involving them on here soon, so keep your eyes open for it!! šŸ˜€ )

5. When I was four, I was super obsessed with Peter Pan. We used to get a live version of it from the library, and my sister and I would watch it all the time. We’d always act out some of the scenes in our bedroom at night (when we were supposed to be sleeping!!). Also, my dad used to have an old beer sign in the basement, which was made out of a sparkly-type Styrofoam. My sister and I used to pretend it was fairy dust and would grab some of the Styrofoam off the sign with our fingers. (You can still see the fingernail marks in the sign, LOL!! šŸ™‚ )

6. Speaking of obsessions, I have an obsession with Australia and koala bears these days. Koala bears are just too cute!! And they look so fuzzy and cuddly too-I seriously want one for a pet, mate!! šŸ˜€

7. I have a hobby of collecting old catalogs/magazines. As of today (March 31), I have 2 old American Girl catalogs (fall 2003 and holiday 2002), one JCPenney catalog from Christmas 2002, 2 Disney Store catalogs (one from summer 2004, one from Halloween 2004), and a whole year of American Girl magazine issues from 2003. All of them are from Ebay. šŸ˜‰

8. I love old TV shows. My favorites are Leave It To Beaver (I literally watch that show every day!), Little House On The Prairie, The Brady Bunch, and occasionally The Waltons (though I haven’t seen too much of it yet!!). I watch almost nothing else. Old TV shows are super awesome!!

9. I love most food. Seriously, I will eat anything! Well, except for brussels sprouts, lima beans, cooked carrots, and cauliflower. Other than that, I will probably eat it. I am definitely not a picky eater! Some of my favorite foods are my mom’s breaded chicken cutlets (which we had tonight!), porkchops, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken tenders, hot dogs, and sloppy joes!! šŸ™‚

10. I love American Girl dolls and books-and all kinds of dolls! You probably know that if you saw some of the posts on here, but seriously, I am a huge AG fan. I have so many American Girl books, and I have two dolls, Kit and Felicity. šŸ™‚ My favorite AG is Kit, not just because I have her and think she’s adorable, but also because I love her books and time period. Besides AG dolls, I also love the A Life Of Faith dolls (especially Violet and Kathleen-they are so pretty!) and Australian Girls (obviously. I love Matilda’s curls, she looks like Rebecca St. James, only with red hair! XD)

Well, that’s ten awesome things about me! I hope you enjoyed!!


17 thoughts on “Ten Things You’d Never Guess About Me

  1. Wow! I love your post; it’s awesome! And I can relate to some of the things you said in this post. BTW, could you please do a post involving your Peter Pan obsession? Because I’m curious to know more about it!


    • Hi, Bookwurmgirl7!!
      Aww, thanks so much for the compliment-it means a lot to me.
      That’s great you can relate to some of the stuff I wrote about too.
      Haha, sure! I’ll totally look into that. Who knows, maybe that’ll be one of my next posts! I’m glad you’re curious about it!


  2. It was fun to read this! I love to collect old catolougs (I CANNOT spell that šŸ˜› ), they are mostly AG ones. I have only thrown away one from the time I got my first AG doll. My earliest one is from December 2007. (I only have the cover, LOL!)

    Yes! Old TV shows are the BEST! I love love love The Waltons (it just gets better and better as the series goes on), Star Trek: TOS, Leave it To Beaver, The Brady Bunch, The Wild Wild West, Mission:Impossible, anything like that.

    And of course I adore AG. šŸ˜‰

    ~Lydia~ ā¤


    • Hi Lydia! I’m so glad you like it!! (BTW, I love both of your blogs, I’ve been reading them for quite some time. šŸ˜‰ )
      Haha, seriously?? That’s great! They are so much fun to collect, aren’t they? That is so cool that you still have the cover from DECEMBER 2007!! The oldest AG catalog I have (that isn’t from Ebay šŸ˜‰ ) is the big holiday catalog from 2010.
      Aren’t old shows just SO FUN?? Some of those I have actually never seen, but I’m sure they’re awesome. šŸ™‚ It’s funny b/c literally no one I know in real life that is near my age (except my sister) likes these kind of shows, but I don’t know why!!
      Haha, I know that. šŸ˜‰


      • Star Trek and Missio: Impossible are really good, but they do have a lot of violence, so if you don’t like shows like that I wouldn’t recommend them.
        But The Brady Bunch is sooooooo sweet! It’s a really funny comedy about a family with six kids. šŸ˜›


      • I have never seen Star Trek or Mission: Impossible. I’m not really a violence person, so yeah, I might not like them. But then, sometimes there is violence on Little House so…
        I know, right?? I love that show! We have all the seasons on DVD. šŸ™‚
        Oh, also, what’s Wild Wild West? I saw you wrote about that in your other comment, but I’ve never heard of it.


  3. Do you have any of the AG catalogouse with the GOML line? (2003-2005)

    I’m obsessed with the Irish Dancer, Kathleen. Not hard to do, considering my name, the fact that my dance dress is also homemeade, the fact that I’m Irish, am an Irish dancer, obsessed with Ireland, and also obsessed with history! :b


    • As a matter of fact, I do! It is so funny you should ask that, b/c I posted pictures of one of my old AG catalogs last week, and I had a picture of the GOMLs, but I was kind of in a hurry, so I was like, “Nahhh, I’ll skip that one”. LOL!!
      I love Kathleen too-she’s totally my favorite. šŸ™‚ If you want I could email you the pictures, is your email address on your website?


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