Talent Battle: Chapter 4

Hey folks! Here’s Chapter 4 of Talent Battle! I bet you weren’t expecting two chapters today, were you? (Click on the links to read Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3.)

Chapter 4

Lauren and I decided to practice inside Aunt Katrina and Uncle Tom’s house.
“Wait, what if we miss the food?” I wanted to know.
“Don’t worry, we won’t,” Lauren said as we stepped inside the house.
We said hello to many of our relatives, who were gathered in the living room watching a baseball game. Then, Lauren and I made our way down to the cozy basement.
I’d been in Aunt Katrina and Uncle Tom’s basement plenty of times, and it always looked exactly the same. Same light blue carpet, same leather couch against one wall, same cushioned rocking chair. I liked how the basement never changed.
Lauren walked over to the pool table in the corner of the basement. “Hey, Amy, wanna play?” she asked.
“Nah, not now,” I answered. “We’d better get down to work.”
“I guess you’re right,” Lauren agreed.
I opened my pink and orange tote bag I’d brought with me and pulled out my old, worn, pink songwriting notebook. I flipped through the pages, trying to find just the right song to sing. A Spring Thing? No, it wasn’t spring. Halfway There? No, it didn’t seem to fit the day. The Graduate? No way-graduation season was over!
Apparently Lauren didn’t have the same problem. After a few minutes of going through her songwriting book, she announced, “I know exactly which song I’m going to sing for the contest: River of Dreams!”
“Cool,” I replied, as I flipped past a Christmas song, followed by a song about a mouse, and then a song about a rainy day.
UGH! Why couldn’t I find one-just one-song that didn’t involve a holiday that was over, animals, or weather that wasn’t even happening today?!
Just when I was about to give up, I found the perfect song. It was a song called The Best Season, and it was all about summer. I had started working on it when I’d been sick with the flu last winter, but I’d never gotten around to finishing it. All I needed to write was the rest of the second verse and the bridge, and then I would be all set! So, eagerly, I got to work. Fifteen minutes later, I was done.
Wow, that was pretty easy, I thought to myself.
Just then, Paul raced down the steps of the basement. “Food’s ready, guys,” he announced.
“Oh, awesome, Paul!” Lauren exclaimed as she put her songbook away and leaped up from the couch where she was sitting.
“Oh, you bet it is,” I agreed, getting up from the rocking chair and patting my stomach. “I’m starved!”
“Well, come on, let’s go,” said Paul. “You know, before Lesli and Shannon hog all the barbeque sauce!”
The three of us laughed as we hurried up the basement stairs.

That’s all for Chapter 4! I hope you enjoyed. Because of Easter, and also because I’m going to be really busy next week, I can’t make any promises about when the next chapter will be posted. But I can promise that it will definitely be soon!

Have a great day!


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