I’m Back!!

Hi everyone! I’m back! I’ve missed blogging so much, and it’s great to be doing it again!

Today where I live it is SUPER nice out and really feels like spring. It’s in the 70’s here-hooray! It’s taken a while for it to hit the 70-degree mark where I live, but recently the weather’s been great. 

Here are some pictures I took during my spring break…


Last week, it was my mom’s birthday, so my family got together at my aunt’s house to celebrate!! 😀 We had pudding cake and brownies for dessert-yum! We also had ice cream, which is not shown in the picture. 🙂


Yesterday afternoon, it was such a nice spring day. So I decided to go sit out on our back porch and relax, one of my favorite things to do in the nice weather! I also had some Dr. Pepper as you can see. 😉 I love Dr. Pepper!!


We have a forsythia bush in our backyard, so I went out to take a picture of it for you all. Aren’t the flowers just so pretty? When the forsythias start blooming, that’s always a good sign…it means spring is here!! 😀


The first dandelion of the season!! And yes, I know that dandelions are considered weeds, but when I see them I get really excited, because to me they mean spring, just like the forsythias!!

Hope all of you are doing well! Does it feel like spring where you live yet?
See you soon!!


9 thoughts on “I’m Back!!

  1. Ah, the weather here is AMAZING! I just got back from softball (I’ll email you later and tell you how it’s going) and I was so hot during practice! And almost all of the snow is melted besides in the woods. I am so happy for summer and swimming in the lake and pool!


    • HOORAY!! I’m so happy you’re experiencing nice weather, too!! 😀
      I’ll keep an eye out for your email. 😉
      P.S. I am super excited for spring and summer too!!! I don’t miss the snow at all!

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