Talent Battle: Chapter 5

Well, this is certainly long overdue, isn’t it? In case you’ve forgotten what’s happened, or if you’re new to the story, here are the links to Chapter 1 , Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4. Enjoy!!

Chapter 5

An enormous amount of food greeted us when we stepped outside. On the gigantic picnic table in the middle of the yard, there were platters of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and veggie burgers for the vegetarians in the family. There were bowls filled with potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, and shrimp. There were also big bottles of soda and little bottles of ketchup, mustard, relish and barbeque sauce. With all the food to choose from, I didn’t know where to start!

Lauren reached for a veggie burger and several pieces of shrimp, and took a heaping amount of macaroni salad, since she’s a vegetarian. I, on the other hand, grabbed a hot dog and two pieces of fried chicken, as well as some macaroni salad. Then I took a cup and poured myself some root beer. After this, Lauren went to sit down in some of the lawn chairs spread out under Uncle Tom and Aunt Katrina’s huge chestnut tree. Before we ate, we, of course, said grace, since our family is Catholic and that’s what we do before every meal. Then I bit into my hot dog, which was drenched in mustard. Mmmm!

Soon, Lesli and Shannon came over to join us. They were both laughing their heads off.
“Lesli challenged me to see which one of us could put the most barbeque sauce on their burger,” Shannon explained to Lauren and I, still giggling. “I didn’t know that meant my burger would turn into barbeque soup!”
Lesli cracked up. “My burger looks flooded!” She took a big bite of hamburger, getting barbeque sauce on her nose in the process.
Lauren and I laughed along with the other girls. When we finally calmed down, Lesli asked us, “So, do you guys know what you’re going to sing for the contest? Shannon told me all about it, and I can’t wait to see it!”
We told Lesli and Shannon what we were planning to sing.
“Sounds great!” exclaimed Shannon.
“Yeah,” Lesli agreed. “Especially yours, Lauren. I can’t wait to hear River of Dreams! It sounds amazing.”
It bugged me a little that Lesli was raving about Lauren’s song and didn’t even mention mine. It just proved my theory that Lauren was a better musician than me. I tried not to think about it, though…that is, until Grandma Rosedale hobbled over to us on her cane.
“Did I hear my Laurie and Amy are going to be performing in a sing-off later today?” she asked us.
“Yup, that’s right, Grandma!” I exclaimed.
Grandma Rosedale laughed. “My, it will do my ears good to hear some happy music.” She turned to Lauren. “You know, I still remember at your kindergarten graduation, that song you sang…”
“Oh, right,” giggled Lauren, then sang in a clear voice, “Time to move on and spread your wings, so that you can do some amazing things…
Grandma nodded. “And I could hear your voice in that group of kids, loud and clear. You sounded just like an angel. I’m sure
you’ll bring down the house tonight! I always knew that you would go far, Lauren.”
Grandma Rosedale’s compliments to Lauren made me turn green with envy. I didn’t even remember my kindergarten graduation! I don’t think we even sang anything! And why didn’t Grandma Rosedale say to me, “Amy, you’ll bring down the house”, and tell me that I sounded like an angel? Didn’t she think I was a good singer, too? After she’d told Lauren about that, Grandma had said, “Good luck to you, too, Amy! You’ll do just fine.” Then she left.
I blinked away angry tears, and didn’t say much after that. I was determined to show my family that I could sing and perform just as well as Lauren could! I was going to practice for as long as possible, even if I had to miss spending time with my cousins. I gobbled down my food as fast as I could, not even caring if I didn’t chew anything right. Then I jumped up, threw away my trash, and dashed into the house.
It was time for me to start practicing.

I hope you all enjoyed!! Chapter 6 will be coming soon!


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