Throwback Thursday: Littlest Pet Shop

Hi all! Today’s Throwback Thursday is all about Littlest Pet Shop. I’m sure most people know what this is, but just in case you don’t, Littlest Pet Shop is a toy line made by Hasbro. They are little figurines of different animals (dogs, cats, horses, etc.-any kind of animal, really, not just regular pets!) and they are super cute. Beginning in second grade, I collected a bunch of the pets and still have most of them! In this post, I will talk about how I got into LPS, and also showcase a few pets from my collection.

In school one day, some of my friends were talking about how many Littlest Pet Shop pets they owned. When they asked how many pets I had, I told them that I didn’t have any. I wasn’t sure what they were going to think of me! Once I said this, though, my friends were really sweet about it. They didn’t act like it was a big deal that I didn’t own any, and actually offered to give me one (which I politely refused).

A few weeks later, it was my birthday. I received some Target gift cards from family members, which I was excited about. That weekend, we were going to visit my grandma, and I asked my mom if we could stop at a Target near her place on the way home. She said yes! So when we got to Target, I went right to the toy section and walked right up to where they sold the Littlest Pet Shop stuff. I ended up buying a pet show set that included an orange cat, a pink poodle, and a brown-and-white-spotted terrier. That was the first of my many Littlest Pet Shop sets!!

Over the years, I was able to get several of these pets, and as I said before, I still have quite a few of them! Here are some of my favorites:


From left to right: Coconut the monkey, Snowflake the dog, Starshine the cat, Quacky the duck, Lady the poodle, and Tiara the cat.


This is Coconut. I got her in my Easter basket one year. I think she is super adorable, and I always thought it was really cool that she was a monkey.


Here is Starshine. I got her the Christmas after I started collecting the LPS pets from my grandma and aunt. Starshine was always one of my favorite pets. As you can tell by the dirt near her eyes, she is well-loved. She also has difficulty standing on her own, so that’s why I had to hold her up in this picture! 🙂


Meet Quacky! I got him when my family was vacationing in Pennsylvania one year. We were in a toy store when I found him. I had always wanted the duck for my collection, so that day Quacky came home with me. I just love the expression on my face–too cute!


Here is Snowflake, who I got from Santa one year for Christmas! I’ve always thought she was such a cute puppy. The reason her name is Snowflake is an obvious one: first, she is mostly white, and also, I got her on Christmas, which is during the winter!


Finally, here are two of my three first LPS pets: Tiara and Lady. Aren’t their expressions just so sweet? Tiara is named that because, when I got her, she was wearing a little crown on her head! 😀 I’ve always loved the orange color of Tiara’s fur, as well as Lady’s little purple bows on the sides of her head. (They are hard to see, but in this picture, you can see them a little bit on her left ear.)

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Throwback Thursday post! Again, I’m very sorry for the quality of the photos, as well as the lighting! And if you have any suggestions for an upcoming Throwback Thursday theme, let me know in the comments what you’d like to see! Cheers!


24 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Littlest Pet Shop

    • I know, I love them-they are fantastic!
      Hmm…yeah, I do like Jump5 (which you know from my many comments on that J5 post you did), but I don’t have too much of a history with them. I’ll look into it, though, cause maybe other people do!


  1. Hi Sunny! Found your blog, and just wanted to say hi! This post is really cute! I had one LPS, but she got lost in the mix of all our toys. She also got broken, and I think either donated or given away. 😦 she was a puppy. I don’t have any more lol.

    As for a future Throwback Thursday theme, what about things you used to do? Stuff you did when you were younger, but don’t do anymore? Sorry if that sounds confusing LOL.



    • Kathleen-No, they are not the official names. Back then, they didn’t come with names and you had to name them yourselves. My sister said now they come with names, which I don’t really like. Like I pointed out to her, what if all the spotted dogs in the world were named Spot?


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