The Darling Doll Blog Award And Summer Bucket List Tag!

I was nominated by Madison over at Delightful World Of Dolls for the Darling Doll Blog Award! Thank you so much, Madison! Here are the questions she asked me:

1. How much longer do you plan on blogging for?
I plan to be blogging for a very, very long time-probably for the rest of my life! I absolutely love blogging, and also love getting to meet great, awesome people over the Internet!

2. Do you have a real-life BFF?
Yes, I do. I have a few, actually: my sister and two of my cousins. We are all very close and have lots of fun together. The best part is that I can just be myself with them and don’t have to worry about what they think of me!

3. Whoโ€™s your favorite AG doll EVER, retired or available? You can include ones you already have or donโ€™t have.
Oooh…this is SUCH a tough question! I would probably have to say Kit, though (whom I own!!). I just love her time period as well as her stories. Plus, we are so alike in personality: we’re both very curious and love to write, and try to help our families out as much as possible! And, of course, I love Kit’s adorable short hair, freckles, and outfits!!

4. Can you do a cartwheel?
Unfortunately, no ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I wish I could, though-that would be really fun! Well…maybe someday. ๐Ÿ˜‰

5. Ice-cream or frozen yogurt?
ICE CREAM!!!! I love ice cream-my favorite flavor is probably either Butterfinger, fudge brownie, or peanut butter cup! I do like frozen yogurt as well, though. Sometimes when I have it, I forget I’m not eating ice cream!! XD

I nominate:
-Lydia from Silver Creek Dolls
-Hayley from Doll DIYs
-Jen and Brianna from The Dolls Between Us
-BookwurmGirl7 from A Girl With A Book In Her Hands
-Maddie from The Blog Of Toys

Here are my questions:

1. Dogs or cats?

2. If you could bring back one retired AG outfit, which one would it be?

3. Are you an organized person, or are you messy?

4. If you had to eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

5. What’s your favorite AG movie?

Thank you again, Madison! I hope everyone enjoyed answering my questions!

Also, I was nominated by Kathleen over at Dolls And Dance for the Summer Bucket List Tag! Thanks, Kathleen! Here are the rules:

1. Write 15 things that you want to do this summer (if you canโ€™t think of 15 thatโ€™s okay) and publish it in a post.

2. Insert the picture.

3. Nominate 4 other people to do the tag.

4. Have fun!

Okay then, here we go:


1. Get more into arts and crafts!

I love making stuff, but I never have enough time (or money!) to do them during the school year. So hopefully over the summer I will have time for artsy stuff!


2. Give my Felicity doll a “Downy Dunk”.

As much as I love my Felicity, her hair is very dry and frizzy. So this summer, I hope to be able to “downy dunk” her as they say, so that her hair looks much more soft and smooth.


3.ย  Do more household chores!!

I’m sure my parents will be happy about this one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And hey, I’ll be able to help them out by doing more work around the house, which is always great.


4. Master a handstand in the pool.

A few summers ago, I taught myself how to do an underwater handstand in the pool. (I’m quite good at it too, if I do say so myself.) However, about 90% of the times my legs go crooked! I can only get myself to stand straight up in the air a few times. So this year, I’d like to try to do a perfectly straight underwater handstand 100% of the time!!


5. Save up money!!

This summer, my family is going to be taking a vacation to New Jersey. There’s a mall near the hotel we’re staying at (which we will hopefully be going to!), and I would really love to have some money to spend there. So, what I want to do is save up a bunch of money that I can spend at the mall, and on our vacation. It’s going to be hard, since sometimes I have trouble saving money, but I know that if I put my mind to it, I can do it.


6. Do lots of cooking and baking!

I love to bake, so I’m sure I’ll be doing a bunch of that anyway. However, I don’t know how to cook many meals (other than grilled cheese and easy stuff like that), so I would really like to learn how to make some of my favorite dinner foods (barbequed chicken, anyone?).


7. Make my own tomato sauce.

This one kind of goes with the one above, but my family is growing tomatoes right now, and we would love to try making our own tomato sauce.


8. Play Wii more.

My family has a Wii, but we don’t use it a whole lot, mainly because it’s in a weird spot. So this summer, I’d like to play our Wii more…and maybe get better at bowling. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Alright, that’s seriously all I could think of! Thank you again for nominating me, Kathleen!

I nominate:

-Emma from Wack-A-Doodle-Dolls
-Madison from Delightful World Of Dolls
-Christian Homeschooler from Treasured Friendships With A Flair
-Megan from Dandelions and Daisies


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