Throwback Thursday: The Brady Bunch

Today’s Throwback Thursday focuses on the 1970s TV show The Brady Bunch. (Thank you to Maddie from The Blog of Toys for the inspiration for this post!) Of course, I’m not old enough to remember when it originally aired ( 😉 ) but my family has all the episodes on DVD, and we never get tired of watching them! I think it’s probably one of my favorite TV shows.

If you’ve never seen this show, here’s what it’s about. A man named Mike Brady, who has three sons (Greg, Peter, and Bobby), marries a woman named Carol who has three daughters (Marcia, Jan, and Cindy). They all live in a house together along with their housekeeper named Alice and dog Tiger (who only appeared in the first two seasons). The show’s episodes mainly revolve around the children and the good and bad situations that happen to them (in one episode Greg took his driving test, in another the family thought Jan was allergic to Tiger). I highly recommend that you check this show out if you haven’t yet, because not only will you learn important lessons, you’ll also laugh out loud at the family’s antics and humor.

Here’s the opening theme to the show. Enjoy!
The Brady Bunch Theme


26 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The Brady Bunch

  1. I think I’ve watched almost all of them. I was watching a video on youtube and got SO depressed. Do you know that kids latterly DONT know what a VHS tape is????????? My family STILL uses them!


  2. I’ve watched ever single episode BUT the two last seasons. We have the fifth season but we need the fourth, and we want to watch them in order. saw the cover of the fifth season. THEY ARE SO GROWN UP 😦


    • Wow, that’s cool. I hope you can get the fourth season soon, it’s great. 😉
      I agree, they really do look grown up in the fifth season. But don’t worry, there are still some good episodes in that one. 🙂


  3. WOW! I love that show! I remember TV Land used to air marathons of it all the time when I was younger. The first time I watched it, I didn’t understand it at first, but now I really enjoy watching it!


      • OK! What I mean by that, is like, do they completely shun God, ignore Him, or He’s kinda ‘in the snow’ almost? Like, the Andy Griffith show- they go to church a lot in the episodes.
        Yeah, the Brady Bunch really looks cool and do you know if they have it on Netflix or not?


      • No, I don’t think so, since they celebrate Christmas in one episode (that’s the one where they go to church). Good question though. 🙂
        I’ve actually never really watched the Andy Griffith Show. I’ve seen a few episodes (because my mom, aunt, and grandma like/liked it), though, and it’s pretty funny.
        Sadly, I don’t know, because I don’t have Netflix. But it’s possible it might be! 😀


      • OK, just wondering! ^_^
        Oh my gosh, my family and I love it so so so much. We watch it all the time. There are a couple episodes that we don’t watch (love ones) but the other ones are really good.
        I hope so, because then I would probably be able to watch it 😀


      • 🙂
        Cool! I think I need to start watching it now. 😉 I also love Little House on the Prairie, and Leave It to Beaver. A few summers ago, my sis and I used to watch Little House in different rooms and text each other about what was happening and stuff. It was fun. 🙂
        Me too! 😀


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