American Girl Magazine-November/December 2003

Hi all! Today I’ll be showing you some of the terrific features of the November/December 2003 issue of American Girl Magazine. There’s a lot of cool stuff in this issue, so let’s get started!!


This is an extra-special issue because there were two covers-one regular cover, and then one where the back cover would normally be. It’s pretty confusing, but the reason there were two was because AG held a magazine cover contest, and there were six winners. So three of the winners were on one cover, while the other three were on the second one. Also, the magazine was split into two mini-issues, since there were two covers. So when you were finished reading one part, you’d flip the magazine over to read the next one!! Phew-pretty confusing, right?? 🙂

We’re going to be peeking inside the “Red Cover” section first.


(I apologize for the bad photo quality-I decided to use my tablet camera today instead of my regular one, because it’s a lot easier. 😉 )
The Girls Express this month gave us some girls’ suggestions for great teacher gifts. I love the cookbook idea! 🙂 And this issue’s Buzzword was verve, which means “spirit and enthusiasm, especially in writing or performing”. Nice!


Some fun Christmas/winter ideas. I personally think that the Chocomint Float looks delicious! And those candy-cane letters would really add some holiday cheer to cards or gift tags!! 😀



Some awesome, cool ways to ring in the New Year!! The Confetti Cookies sound scrumptious!! 🙂 (LOL, just realized I got my jeans in these pictures! XD)


Now, let’s flip over to the “Blue Cover”!!


A sweet letter from American Girl. 🙂



(More jeans-sorry about that. :P) Here are the winning entries from a super-cool “Design an AG Mascot” contest. All of them are really creative, but I think my favorite would probably have to be the butterfly. Which one is your favorite?


Here’s another letter from American Girl, addressed to YOU!! 😀


And here’s a letter that you can write to yourself!! You weren’t supposed to open it until 2013 (LOL)!


Finally, here’s one of the Help! pages. I really enjoyed reading the questions in this issue.

That wraps up our look at the 2003 American Girl magazines…but stay tuned, because tomorrow, we’ll be checking out the November/December 2007 issue! 🙂

Have an awesome Sunday!!


9 thoughts on “American Girl Magazine-November/December 2003

  1. Hey, Sunny315, I have a request for you: Could you please take a picture of the Hilary Duff article, please? I’m curious to hear what she has to say because I am a big fan of Hilary.


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