Talent Battle: Chapter 7

Well folks, we’re getting pretty close to the end of this story. I can honestly say I’m pretty sad that it’s almost over!! To refresh your memory on what’s happened so far, go here to read Chapters 1-6.

Chapter 7

An hour later, Lauren and I were ready to begin our little contest. Paul and Shannon, being the emcees of the show, had spread the word about it to all of our family. Now, as they sat at the long white tables spread out in the middle of the yard, they were all looking at us, eagerly waiting for the show to begin.
I was pretty nervous, especially because my squeaky singing voice hadn’t improved at all after I’d finished the water. I hoped I would be able to get through my song without messing up the high notes too much.
Lauren and I had flipped a coin to decide who would perform first, and-of course-Lauren had won. Holding her guitar in one hand, and her songwriting notebook in the other, she stood off to the side, waiting patiently for her turn to perform. I stood next to her, taking everything in.
A few feet away from where the tables stood, Paul and Shannon had placed a microphone on a stand and a metal folding chair on the green grass. That was where Lauren–and then me, when it was my turn–would sing.
Now, Paul stepped over to where our family members sat, and raised his hand for quiet. Everyone immediately became silent and looked at my cousin.
“Thank you,” Paul began. “As you all hopefully know by now, I’m Paul Marshall.” Everyone laughed at that. Of course they knew who he was!
“Today, we have a real treat for all of you,” Paul continued. “My lovely sister, Shannon, will now tell you about it. Take it away, Shan!”
Shannon walked over to stand next to Paul as the audience applauded and announced, “Thanks, everyone! Today, Amy Addley and Lauren Jacobs will be participating in a sing-off.” She gestured to us, and Lauren and I waved to everyone. and it will be your job to decide who is the better singer..and the winner of this competition.” She gestured to us, and Lauren and I waved to everyone.
Our family began clapping again, and once the applause died down, Shannon said, “All right, our first performer will be Lauren Jacobs, singing her song River of Dreams!”
Lauren, as I expected, was absolutely amazing, and I could tell everyone in our family thought the same thing. Her voice was just perfect-loud when it should be loud, and soft when it should be soft. As I listened to Lauren sing, I felt a tiny bit jealous. I didn’t think I would ever be able to sing like that. Especially not today, with my scratched-up throat and all.
Soon, Lauren’s song ended, and the audience exploded into applause, with huge smiles on their faces. Paul, Shannon, Dylan, and Lesli, standing nearby, were grinning, too, and applauding as hard as they could.
I was clapping for Lauren, but I wasn’t smiling. I mean, I was going to be singing in just a couple minutes, and I knew I could never in a million years top Lauren’s performance. Plus my throat was still bad!!
“And now, everyone,” Paul began. “Please welcome Amy Addley, as she sings her wonderful song-The Best Season
Lauren headed over to me and handed me her guitar. “Good luck!” she whispered, with a huge grin. “You’ll do great, Amy!”
I took the guitar from Lauren, and headed over to the folding chair and microphone. I sat down in the chair and removed my songwriting notebook from under my arm. Then I spread the book open on my lap, took a deep breath, and began to sing and strum the guitar.
“When the sun stays out for forever, and there is beautiful weather…that is the best season,” I began in a strong voice. So far, so good. No squeakiness…at least, not yet.
“When the sun is warm on faces, and you’re vacationing in great places…that is the best season!!!” I continued. Nothing bad yet…
“There is so much sunshine in the summerrr…” I sang, and that’s when it got pretty bad. My voice just gave the loudest possible squeak anyone could ever make-I sounded like a mouse!
Everyone, it seemed, giggled a little. That’s when I just couldn’t take it any longer. I stopped my song and threw the guitar on the grass.
“That’s it,” I spat angrily into the microphone. “I quit! I know you all think I am the worst singer there ever was, and that I don’t have a talent for this stuff at all! I can’t help it if I ate my food too fast and this is my throat’s way of getting even with me. Admit it, each and every one of you: Lauren will be the winner of this contest.”
I stood up, and my songwriting notebook fell from my lap. I didn’t even bother to pick it up as I stormed inside the house.

That’s it for Chapter 7, but Chapter 8 will be up soon! 😀


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