Obsessed With Avalon

Hey guys! Long time no post. 😉 I apologize for not getting a Throwback Thursday post up this week-I totally forgot about it. Hopefully there will be one next week, though.

Anyway, recently I’ve become obsessed with this Christian band called Avalon. Apparently they are still around, but for some strange reason they haven’t released an album since 2009. 😕 I’ve never paid much attention to them before this, but now I think they are really cool, and they’ve probably surpassed Jump5 and For King & Country as my favorite Christian band…at least, they are my favorite Christian band as of this week (it’s always changing…)!

The interesting thing about the group is that over the years, there have been many different members. This was because people kept leaving to do other things, and then those people would get replaced. Right now, the four members of Avalon are: Janna Long, Greg Long (her husband), Jeremi Richardson, and his wife Amy. But in all, there have been nine members of the group! Besides Janna, Greg, Jeremi, and Amy, there have been five other members since Avalon originated in 1995: Michael Passons (1995-2003), Jody McBrayer (1995-2007), Nikki Hassman-Anders (1996-1998),  Cherie Adams (1998-2002), and Melissa Greene (2002-2009).

I’ve decided that my favorite album by them is Oxygen. It was released in 2001 (GASP!), and I love the songs on it. So far, my favorites are Wonder Why, Undeniably You, I Don’t Want to Go (even though it’s over 5 minutes!!), and The Best Thing. I haven’t had a chance to hear all the songs yet, though, so I’ll probably have a few more favorites when I’m done hearing all of them. 😉

If you haven’t heard any music by Avalon yet, I recommend that you give them a listen! I guarantee you will enjoy what they have to offer. 🙂

See you later!


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