Talent Battle: Chapter 10 (THE FINALE!!)

Hey guys! I know you’re not going to be happy to hear this, but this is the last chapter of Talent Battle! I’m thrilled that you all enjoyed the story so much. When I started this story almost two months ago, I had no idea that it would be this popular. To read Chapters 1-9, go here.

Chapter 10

The moment was here. Paul and Shannon had talked to everyone, and then they had figured out who the winner of the contest would be.
“All right, everyone! May I have your attention, please?” Paul called out.
Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked expectantly at Paul and Shannon.
“We have the results of the competition,” Paul continued. “Amy and Lauren, could you please come forward?”
Lauren and I stepped forward. My heart was beating so loud, I was sure Lauren could here it.
“Good luck,” Lauren whispered, squeezing my hand.
“You too,” I responded, squeezing back.
“I’m sure you all enjoyed both of these marvelous performances,” Shannon said. “But there can only be one winner.”
“And the winner is..” Paul and Shannon began together, “…both of you!”
I went limp with relief. “WHAT?!” Lauren and I both shrieked.
Everyone applauded loudly.
“We tricked you!” Shannon cried. “We never got votes from anyone. Our family members would never be able to choose one of you over the other.” She turned and announced to the audience, “We wanted Amy and Lauren not to have this contest not to try to outdo each other, but to make them realize that these talents that they have are to be used for the good, and to make people happy.”
“And they’ve certainly done that today,” Paul chimed in.
“Congratulations!” Paul and Shannon exclaimed, and everyone burst into applause again.
“Now we both get an extra piece of Mississippi Mud cake!” I cheered. Lauren and I slapped a high-five.
This certainly was a nice surprise! I felt silly about how competitive I had gotten when, in the end, it hadn’t mattered anyway. And we had made everyone happy by singing and making music-our God-given talents!

At 9:30 that night, everyone sat on the grass to watch the nearby fireworks-even Lauren and Dylan’s dog, Sunburst, though some were a little too loud for her and made her whine a bit.
As I sat on Uncle Tom and Aunt Katrina’s lawn in between my parents, I said sleepily, “The contest was kind of fun, but I sure am glad it’s over. And I’m glad Lauren and I both won.”
“So am I,” Mom agreed. “But you know, Amy, your dad and I would’ve still been proud of you even if you hadn’t won. You were great!”
“I couldn’t have put it better myself,” Dad said. “How could we have decided who to pick, anyway? We don’t play favorites in our family.”
I though about Dad’s words: We don’t play favorites in our family. I knew he was right. Even when I’d though people in our family-like Grandma Rosedale-preferred Lauren over me, I later realized that this wasn’t true.
“I kind of was afraid you would,” I confessed. “Play favorites, I mean.”
“No, we would never do that, Amy!” Mom exclaimed. “You and Lauren are both great at what you do. Like Shannon said, you should use your talents for good, not to try to be better than someone else.”
I nodded. “Don’t worry, Mom and Dad. I won’t try to outdo anyone again! And I’ll continue to use my talents to make people happy.”
As I looked up at the night sky, sparkling with stars and bursting with colorful fireworks, I started thinking about what my next song would be. I knew that the song, whatever it was going to be about, would somehow make someone smile-my ultimate goal!


YAY!! πŸ˜€ That’s the end of the story!! I really hope you all enjoyed it. Unfortunately, this is the only story I’ve been able to finish about Amy, Lauren, and the others. But don’t worry-I’ll be writing more fun stories starring other characters very soon!


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