Talent Battle: Chapter 9

Hey guys! Chapter 9 of the story is up! (To read chapters 1-8, click here.)

Chapter 9

When we arrived back out in the backyard, Lauren approached us, a huge smile on her face. “Hi, Amy. Hi, Shannon,” she greeted us.
Lauren was the absolute last person I wanted to see right now, but I managed a smile and said, “Hi, Lauren.”
“Shan, you’d better get up there,” Lauren said.
Before I could ask what was going on, Shannon hurried away and over to the microphone. “Attention, everyone!” she cried.
Everyone immediately got quiet.
“Thank you,” Shannon continued. “Well, folks, I hope you enjoyed Dylan’s monologue on auto racing, and that he kept you entertained while the rest of us took a brief intermission.” The audience giggled, and from their sleepy-looking faces, I could tell Dylan’s speech had put them all to sleep.
“But now we’re back,” Shannon went on, “with a grand surprise for you all.” She paused and sent a huge grin my way. “Amy Addley and Lauren Jacobs will now sing a lovely duet for all of you–The Best Season! Come on over, girls!”
I was super surprised. Lauren and I would sing a duet? Together? But how did she know my song? I had only just finished writing it that day, and I hadn’t even finished singing it onstage earlier!
“Are you surprised?” Lauren giggled quietly. “While you and Shannon were inside, I saw the sheet music for the song in your notebook and learned it so that I could sing the high parts for you.” She threw an arm around my shoulders. “I’m sorry about what happened. Shannon told me her theory, and I think she’s right. You just need to let everyone know that you can sing!”
“I know, you’re right,” I agreed. “I hadn’t realized that no one really knew, but don’t you worry. Now they will!” I laughed. “This is going to be really fun!”
We headed over to the microphone as the audience applauded. I took a seat in the chair, guitar in hand and songwriting notebook spread out on my lap, and Lauren stood beside me. I played the opening chords to the song, and then both of us sang,
“When the sun stays out for forever, and there is beautiful weather…that is the best season!”
I sang the rest of the first verse on my own (without any squeaking), and Lauren sang the chorus, which was too high for me to sing. Then I sang the second verse (again, without any squeaking), and Lauren sang the bridge. Finally, we sang the chorus together. My voice was pretty much fine for the chorus…I only squeaked once, and no one seemed to notice.
When we finished, the audience exploded into applause. We both got a standing ovation, too!!
Lauren and I grabbed hands and grinned.
“Give it up for Lauren Jacobs and Amy Addley!” Paul announced, grabbing the microphone. When the applause finally died down, he said, “All right, folks, you know the drill. In a few minutes, Shan and I will be coming around and, uh, asking you all for your, um…votes. So don’t go too far!”
I wondered why Paul was stammering so much. He always seemed so sure of himself. I didn’t have much time to dwell on this, though, because just then, Grandma Rosedale came hobbling over on her cane.
“Oh, Amy, you were fantastic!” she exclaimed, giving me a hug. “I had no idea you were such a talented singer!”
I blushed. “Aw, thanks, Grandma,” I said.
“Of course, I knew Lauren was great at it, too,” Grandma continued. “But you’d never said anything to me about this. I was so amazed!”
“I’m really glad you liked the performance,” I told her, and Lauren agreed.
Many of my aunts and uncles-and of course, my mom and dad-came up to me after this and congratulated me on my singing skills. Several of them also apologized for jumping to conclusions about my squeaky voice-they just assumed it meant my singing wasn’t too great.
“You were terrific,” Mom said, hugging me, and Dad agreed. “Dad and I knew you would be, though.”
“Thanks, Mom and Dad,” I replied.
I was feeling really good about all these “congratulations”. Now, though, I was starting to get kind of nervous. Who would win the contest?

Stay tuned for Chapter 10-it’ll be up within the hour! šŸ˜€


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