The Cousins Next Door: Part One

Hey guys! If you read my Beautiful People postΒ from earlier this week, then you probably remember that I said I was thinking about posting the story that revolved around Cherie (whose parents the questions focused on). Well, good news-I’ve decided I’m going to do that! Before I post the first part of the story, (which is called The Cousins Next Door), I’m going to give you all a little background on the characters, what the story is about, etc.

Okay, so this story (which is called The Cousins Next Door) is part of a short story series I write. Basically this series is about a group of friends (who are all Christian singers I’m interested in) that live in a small, little town called (of course) Songville. The stories focus on at least one character and a problem that they are facing, which usually one or more characters helps them to solve. In real life, a lot of the characters are actually adults (aka over 18), but in my series, I think of them all as being around high-school age. They all go to school together, and are all in the same class (although the characters are not all the same ages).

Anyway, in this story, the members of Avalon (Janna, Jody, Cherie, and Michael-who are all cousins in my series) move to town. They move near to where Rebecca St. James and her brothers Joel and Luke (aka for KING & COUNTRY) live. (BTW, click on the links to see pictures of each character. πŸ˜‰ ) Rebecca tries to befriend Cherie, but this turns out to be pretty difficult, as Cherie is very shy. So Rebecca works hard to try and get Cherie to warm up to her. I won’t say anymore, as it’ll spoil the story. πŸ˜‰ So without further ado, here’s part one of The Cousins Next Door!

One sunny Saturday morning in the small town of Songville, Rebecca St. James was outside in her backyard, playing fetch with her dog, Honey. “Go get the stick, Honey!” Rebecca cried, throwing the stick. Honey grabbed the stick and brought it back to Rebecca, her small tail wagging wildly.
“Good girl, Honey!” Rebecca praised the dog, as she gently pried the stick out of her dog’s mouth.
Just then, Rebecca heard shouting and laughing coming from the backyard next door. I wonder what’s going on over there, she thought to herself.
She peeked through the fence and saw two boys and two girls, seemingly all near her age, tossing around a ball. Rebecca decided to go say hello to these kids and see what they were up to. She slipped over the fence and landed in the grassy next-door yard. The four kids stopped playing with the ball and were now staring intently at Rebecca.
Rebecca brushed some grass from the knees of her jeans, then smiled at the four. “Hi,” she greeted them. “I didn’t know anyone lived here.”
She studied the group. One girl had long, straight brown hair and one had long, curly brown hair-like Rebecca, only a little shorter and darker. One of the boys had short, spiky dark hair, while the other had his blond and short.
“We just moved in,” the girl with straight dark hair replied. “I’m Janna.”
The others then introduced themselves to Rebecca. The brown-haired boy was named Jody, the girl with curly brown hair was named Cherie, and the blond-haired boy was named Michael.
Rebecca introduced herself to the group and said, “It’s nice to meet you all.”
“Same,” the others chorused.
“So, are you all brothers and sisters?” Rebecca asked.
“Nope, we’re all cousins,” said Michael. “None of us have any brothers or sisters.”
“But we’re all so close, it seems like we’re siblings sometimes,” Janna added.
“So…you all live in this house?” Rebecca asked, studying the medium-sized, tan-colored house. It didn’t seem big enough for four different families to live in.
“No,” said Jody. “Janna’s family and mine live in this house, and then…Michael and Cherie live in he one next door to ours.”
“Ohh, okay,” Rebecca replied, nodding.
“Rebecca, do you want to play ball with us?” asked Janna.
“OK,” Rebecca agreed, smiling.
The five formed a circle and tossed the ball to each other. Rebecca stood between Jody and Cherie, and that’s when she realized that Cherie hadn’t said a word so far, except to introduce herself.
Rebecca smiled at Cherie, and Cherie gave Rebecca a small smile in return before quickly looking away.
I wonder what’s up with her, Rebecca thought. Maybe she’s just shy.
Just them the ball came flying towards Rebecca. She giggled. “A heads-up next time would be nice!” she laughed to Michael, who had thrown her the ball.
“OK, I’ll remember that,” Michael laughed back.
After the game finally ended, the five hung out in the yard and chatted for a while. Janna, Rebecca, and Michael sat in the red cushioned glider swing in the yard, while Cherie and Jody sat on the paved ground in front of the swing.
“So, are you going to all be attending Songville School?” Rebecca asked the cousins.
Janna nodded. “We’re starting there next week.”
“That’s great!” Rebecca exclaimed. “You’ll love it there. The teachers and students are all really nice.”
“That’s good,” replied Jody. “We all have Miss Brown. Do you have her?”
Rebecca nodded excitedly. “Yes! My brothers and all my friends do. She’s terrific.”
This led to a discussion of what everyone’s favorite school subject was. “I like English,” Rebecca stated. Then she turned and looked down at Cherie. “How about you, Cherie?”
Cherie mumbled something, but Rebecca couldn’t hear what she’d said.Β  “Hmm?” she questioned, leaning in closer.
“I like music,” Cherie said, a little more clearly. Then she turned away and started picking blades of grass out of the lawn.
“Oh…okay,” Rebecca said after a minute, surprised at Cherie’s behavior. “Yeah, music class is fun.”

When she arrived back home a little while later, Rebecca thought about all the fun she’d had with Cherie, Janna, Jody, and Michael. Then she remembered how Cherie had acted towards Rebecca, both during the game and during their conversation about school. Cherie hadn’t spoken at any other time, and Rebecca thought that it was probably because the girl was shy. Rebecca decided that she was going to try to get Cherie out of her shell. She thought that every time she ran into Cherie, Rebecca would try to start a conversation with her. Eventually Cherie would warm up to Rebecca-Rebecca was sure of that.

Well, that’s all for part one! I really hope you guys enjoyed this story. Part two will be coming soon! πŸ™‚

Have a great night!!


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