Day 7, 8, and 9

Good news! I figured out how to access WordPress on our family’s laptop without having the screen freeze! 😀 My wonderful dad suggested I try a different browser, and voila! It works perfectly. 🙂 So thanks, Dad!
Also, I ordered a new tablet off of Amazon yesterday…it should be here late this week/early next week. I’ll give you more details when it arrives. 😉

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 5.22.27 PM-2

Anyway, today I’ll be talking about 15 of my favorite things!

1. Jesus

2. Spending time with my family

3. Reading

4. Writing stories

5. Anything purple!

6. Photography

7. Blogging

8. Dogs!! 😛

9. Food, especially desserts!

10. A warm, sunny summer day

11. Listening to music

12. Traveling

13. Shopping

14. Dolls/Stuffed Animals

15. Jewelry

I don’t have the pictures for day 8 and day 9, so I guess I’ll just skip ahead to them without a picture. 😉

Day 8-My Earliest Memory of my Best Friend

I have a couple of best friends, but in this post I’m going to tell you about my earliest memory of my cousin. I actually have two early memories of her, and I can’t remember which comes first-so I’m just going to write about both of them! 😀

My cousin, along with her parents (my aunt and uncle), and her baby brother (my other cousin) lived really far away from us when we were little. But we’d get together as often as we could, for lunch. We’d usually get together at our house, and would order McDonald’s for our meal. It was always really fun to sit around the table, eat, and talk, and then play with our Happy Meal toys when we were finished with our food. My cousin and I (and probably also my sister, I just don’t remember) also loved playing dress-up during these visits. My sister and I had received a huge dress-up kit one year for Christmas, so we usually used that to put together our costumes. We always used to play “Prince and Princess”, and no matter what, my cousin was always the princess and I was always the prince. I never really minded that I always had to play the prince back then, though, which was good. Plus at the time my hair was pretty short, so I probably looked more like a prince than my cousin did-with her long, curly, dark hair. 😉 We always had so much fun! 😀

We were still having these visits when my cousin and her family moved about five minutes away from us, in the house that they still live in nowadays. 😉 This was in the middle of preschool, and my cousin got to be in my class, which was really fun! We went to preschool three days a week in the afternoons, and every day, on our way to school (my mom drove all of us), us girls always used to sing this song we made up about horses. We used to sing, “Giddy, giddy, giddy-up, giddy-up, we’ll all have horses someday, someday”, and then went on to sing all about what we would do with our horses if we had them. The song changed every day, but I do remember that making “puddle angels”-snow angels, except in rain puddles instead of snow-came up pretty often in our songs. 😉  We were so cute…. 🙂

Day 9-If I won the lottery

Aw man, I’m literally drawing a blank here! But I’ll try to think…what would I do if I won the lottery….?

OK, I think I have a plan. So I’d probably give my parents and my sister all some money, and then maybe take everybody on a nice vacation. We’d go to one of our favorite vacation spots–don’t know which one, we’d probably all vote on that–for maybe a week? 🙂

I’d also maybe keep some money for myself, and with that money I’d probably buy some of the most expensive dolls on my wishlist, especially Journey Girls Mikaella (the brunette version, who’s retired and sooo expensive now!). And maybe I’d buy myself a motorscooter, too. Those look like they’d be a lot of fun. Oh, and maybe I’d fly to Australia and buy myself a koala–as long as I paid for him In Australian dollars, which I’d somehow manage to get. 😉

I’d also, of course, give money to charity and to our church. 😉 I’d want to use my money to make sure that hungry kids in Africa had enough food and necessities…and maybe give them some money left over for some fun stuff too. 😉

So yeah….that’s what I’d do! 😀

I hope you enjoyed! Man…I’m sooo tired for some reason. *yawn* Until tomorrow!

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