What I’ve Been Up To Lately #1

Hey guys! Just thought I’d let you all know what I’ve been up to recently. (Thanks to Lydia for the inspiration for this post. 😉 )

Reading-Lately I’ve been reading a book that’s actually my sister’s, called City Sidewalks in the Good Old Days. It’s basically a collection of little stories/memoirs written by adults that grew up in the 20s-50s, about their neighborhoods, little shops near them, etc. There’s a whole series of these books on Amazon, and they’re actually really interesting!

Listening to-As I type I’m actually listening to Pandora Internet Radio. The station I’m tuned to is “Moriah Peters Radio”, and the song currently on is Runaway by Jason Castro. Very good song. 😉  OK, it just ended…the next song is Free From It All by Lecrae. Never heard this song before, but it sounds verrrryyyy annoying. *turns off*

Writing-I’m working on my next Songville story, as well as a longer story (I guess you could call it a novel? 😉 ) about September 11th. Oh, and I’m also looking over Dare to Be Different, which I hope to upload really soon. 🙂

Etc.-My dad literally just pulled in the driveway after coming home from getting his car checked out. (You know, just for a little “check-up”.) Then he went to the bank and brought home a bunch of the little lollipops that they have there. So I’m sucking on an orange one right now. 😉

We also went grocery shopping this morning, my math review went well earlier (I got most of the answers right!!), it’s a nice sunny day outside….oh yeah, and we baked a cake yesterday!! Yellow cake with chocolate icing. (Yum.) Here’s a picture:


(In the top left-hand corner is City Sidewalks in the Good Old Days, by the way. 😉 )

OK, well, I’m off to watch Leave It To Beaver right now, but day 12 of the blogging challenge will be up later on today! Bye for now! 😀

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