31-Day Blogging Challenge: Days 17-21

Hello everyone! Let me start off this post by saying that I am SO sorry I haven’t been around the last few days. This week has been really busy for me, and every day, by the time I was able to do a post, it was either too late or I was too tired. :/ But anyway, right now, for day 17 of this challenge, I’ll be telling you about my dream job!

Day 17-Dream Job

Okay, a job that I think would be really cool to have would be a world traveler. I really love visiting new places and I want to travel to so many countries around the world. So I think it would be really cool if that was my occupation in life!! 😀

Another job that I think would be fun is a pet photographer (mainly one who takes pictures of dogs, because I’m a total dog person. 🙂 ) I absolutely love taking pictures of my own dog, and I think it would be so much fun to be around dogs all the time, taking snapshots of them. You just never know what to expect with dogs, plus they always make me laugh and help me feel better if I’m sad or stressed. That would be such an awesome job to have! I’d always look forward to going to work every day. 😉

Now for day 18…my favorite childhood book!

Day 18-My Favorite Childhood Book

I’ve said this before, but my favorite book when I was little was The Poky Little Puppy. (It’s a pretty famous book, so I’m sure most of you have heard of it or read it before, but if not, click here to find out more about it.) It was basically about a curious puppy who would always wander away from his brothers and sisters and would end up in trouble. 😉 So cute!! My dad would read this book all the time to my sister and I, and we loved it!! 😁 (I think my dad loved it too, but don’t tell him I told you that!! ;))

Onto day 19…

Day 19-Five Favorite Blogs

Okay, I decided to take a different approach to this, because I love so many blogs and could never pick five favorites, plus I wouldn’t want anyone to get offended if I didn’t pick them. So instead, I’m going to list five blogs which I love, that not many people seem to really know about yet. Here we go.

1.Dolls Are Best Friends Always-Nikki is from the United Kingdom, which I think is really cool! Her posts are usually told from one of her dolls’ points of view. And boy, does Nikki have a lot of dolls! Not just AG, but tons of other cool brands, such as My Twinn, and some I’ve never even heard of! Nikki’s most recent post (told from the point of view of her doll Elyssa) was very amusing, so just check out her site if you’d like to read it!

2. God’s Bright Light-Maddi is a newcomer to the blogosphere, and I’ve only recently discovered her blog. But despite all this, I think Maddi is a terrific blogger! One of her most recent posts was on how to stay cool during the summer (which is very important!), and I thought her ideas were really neat. 🙂 I also enjoyed reading about her vacation to Canada and Maine. If that sounds like something you’d like to read about, just click the link to Maddi’s blog!

3. A Girl With A Book In Her Hands-BookwurmGirl writes about so many great things-fun trips she’s taken, CD reviews, family life, and so much more. Her most recent post was about her grandmother’s friend who has just died. 😦 I’m sure she would appreciate it if you kept this friend in your thoughts\prayers….and also checked out her blog!

4. Craig & Christian Music-If you are a fan of Christian music like I am, you’ll definitely want to check Craig’s blog out. He doesn’t post very often, but his older entries are really fun and interesting to read. I love hearing his opinions on songs, albums, artists, etc. And lately I’ve been the only person commenting on his blog, so I think Craig would appreciate some new readers. 😉

5. Every Bit of Lovely-Shelby is a really cool girl who loves God, photography, and a bunch of other things. Her posts are always really fun to read and her photography skills are amazing! If you stopped on over and said hi, I’m sure it would make her day! 😁

Got any other cool blogs you’d like me (or anyone else) to check out? Let me know in the comments!

Day 20-An Old Picture of Me

OK, I had to get creative with this one, since I can’t put a picture of myself on the internet for privacy reasons. 😉 So I decided to show you guys an “essay” that I wrote in second grade about birds and bats. I don’t remember writing this at all, which is really funny. Anyway, here it is:

I am going to tell you about bats and birds. Bats and birds are both animals, but bats can see in the dark and birds can’t. Bats are nocturnal, which means they sleep in the day, and they’re awake at night. Birds aren’t nocturnal. Both animals have wings and they can both can fly. I think bats and birds are cool because bats hang upside down and birds don’t. That’s all about bats and birds!

Haha, wasn’t I cute? And did you catch the mistake I made in there? Comment and let me know if you did. 🙂

Day 21-Favorite Recipe

I’m going to share with you my yummy grilled cheese recipe. 😉

Sunny’s Great Grilled Cheese

You will need:
-a frying pan
-a microwave (hey, I’ve gotta include it–it’s important!)
-a spatula
-two plates
-a stick of butter
-a knife
-two slices of bread
-some cheese slices
-a stove to cook everything on!!

Here’s what you do:

1. Using the knife, cut a piece off of the stick of butter and put it on one of the plates. Then put the plate in the microwave. (It can not be a paper plate because those will burn in the microwave.)

2. Heat the butter in the microwave for about 5-10 seconds until it’s soft enough to spread with a knife.

3. Take the butter out of the microwave and spread some of it on one bread slice.

4. Place the bread slice butter-side down in the frying pan (which should be on the stove!).

5. Put the cheese, ketchup and mustard (my signature ingredients for this!!) on top of the slice of bread.

6. Take the other slice of bread and butter that.

7. Put the bread slice butter-side up in the frying pan.

8. Heat up the stove and use the spatula to slide the sandwich around in the pan for a few minutes, until you hear the pan sizzle. Then flip the sandwich over. Keep flipping the sandwich over a couple of times until both sides of the bread are golden brown.

9. Grab the pan in one hand and the spatula in the other, and using the spatula, take the sandwich out of the pan and put it on the other plate. (This one can be paper!)

10. Cut the sandwich (optional) and enjoy! 😁

I hope you liked learning about how to make a grilled cheese sandwich! It tastes delicious, and it’s pretty easy to make, so if you want, give it a try sometime!

22 thoughts on “31-Day Blogging Challenge: Days 17-21

    • Haha, that is a GREAT guess, but it actually wasn’t what I was thinking of. You’re absolutely right though! 😊
      P.S. Thanks for commenting! 😀


    • A great guess, but that’s not what I had in mind actually! That’s a REALLY interesting fact, though-I never knew that about bats!
      I’m really glad you’ve been enjoying my posts! 😊


  1. Oh, is the mistake that some birds (owls) are nocturnal? Your grilled cheese recipe sound almost exactly like ours, except we don’t use ketchup and mustard, and we usually fry ours on the griddle. Our family often has grilled cheese and tomato soup for Sunday evening suppers.

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