A New Friend

Hi everybody! Recently, I added a new friend to my ever-growing collection of stuffed animals: an adorable puppy that I named Biscuit! I got him at Kohl’s.

If you’ve visited Kohl’s before, you’ve probably seen the “Kohl’s Cares” stuffed animals that are usually at the front of the store. Every few months, the store sells a different collection of stuffed animals. These animals are usually based off of book characters. For the past few months, the theme has been the If You Give A Mouse A Cookie series of books (BTW, I still LOVE that book!), and Biscuit is based off of the dog in the book If You Give A Dog A Donut.


Here’s what he looks like!!! Isn’t he adorable?! 😀



                 Biscuit decided to do some exploring.… 😉


                     King of the chair!!!! XD



Biscuit decided to play a little piano, because why not?! (This dog is smart–I had no idea he could play piano! 😉 )

Well, that’s it for now! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Biscuit! 😀

See you soon!

*Sunny (and Biscuit)

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