Long Time, No Post (What I’ve Been Up To Lately #2)

Hi everybody! I can’t believe it’s been TEN DAYS since I last posted! I’m super sorry about that, I really didn’t mean for there to be such a large gap between posts. It’s just that last week was a pretty busy week for me. I don’t have a lot of stuff coming up in the next few weeks, so you can expect more frequent posts for a while.

I thought I’d take this time to fill you all in on what I’ve been up to lately!

Reading-I’m currently re-reading Anne of Green Gables for school, and I am really enjoying it! It’s such a terrific book. Anne is always so optimistic and positive!

Listening To-Christmas music! I know, I’m crazy. I’m absolutely NOT ready for Christmas yet, but I will say that it’s fun to listen to Christmas music on your back porch when it’s warm outside. 🙂

Writing-Nothing new at the moment…. 😛

Watching-The Waltons! I love that show, and lately I’ve really been getting into it.  I’ve gotten some DVDs of the episodes out of the library within the last month, and I’ve really been enjoying watching them. 🙂

Other-It’s been sooo cloudy this whole week. We’ve gotten some sunny breaks, but for the most part it’s been cloudy, cloudy, and more cloudy. We’ve also gotten some rain, but not very much.
I’ve been working hard lately to improve my drawing skills. Over the summer I figured out how to draw people from a side view, and today I taught myself how to make people look down in my drawings! I just kind of play around with the pencil and try to figure stuff out. It’s very fun. 🙂
Oh yeah, and yesterday I went to my library to help set up for a book sale they’re holding soon. There were supposed to be some other kids there too, but they didn’t show up. So I was the only “young volunteer” there…working with a bunch of grownups!!! It was a neat experience, but I felt weird being the only kid there. 😛

Well, I guess that’s it for now! I’ll see you all soon. 🙂


27 thoughts on “Long Time, No Post (What I’ve Been Up To Lately #2)

  1. That’s cool that you are re-reading books for school, because I’m doing some of that too! I have been re-reading The Adventures of Tom Saywer. It’s a funny book. 😉
    It’s been really cloudy here too, which is too bad. I like sunny weather, but these past days have been rainy. 😛
    ~Christian Homeschooler

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  2. Down south where we used to live it supported to get a big hurricane! And it’s supported to rain the rest of the week and it already has been raining for a couple days 😦 .What season of the Waltons is your favorite?

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    • Oh wow! Yeah, I heard about that, hopefully everybody will be okay.
      Right now I really like seasons 2-4, but I also like a couple of episodes from the later seasons. I don’t really like the war ones and the ones with “the fake John Boy” as my dad calls him. 😉
      How about you?


      • Yeah, I’m sure everyone will be fine… I don’tthink it’s gonna be too bad. I like season 1 and 2 the best… when Johnboy lives at home. I love John-boy, every family should have a John-boy :-). I KNOW!!! I DISPIZE THE FAKE JOHN-BOY!!!!! He is ugly, funny looking and funny sounding. He doesn’t even act like John-boy!!! Have you seenthe easter and thanksgiving movies they made a couple years ago? They are pretty good, and the old John-boy is in them!!!

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      • That’s good. 🙂
        I know! Season 1 is good too (especially the polio episode!!!). And yes, I love John Boy!!!! If I had a brother, I’d want him to be just like John Boy, wouldn’t you? 😉
        I KNOW!!!! Why did they mess with a good thing???
        No, I haven’t (yet!), but they’re on TV a lot so I’ll try to catch them next time they’re on. My mom and dad saw the wedding ones a couple of years ago. I think they liked them. 🙂
        Oh, have you ever seen the ones where John Curtis (Maryellen’s toddler son) runs off and everyone has to look for him? Why does he always run off?! Maryellen needs to take better care of her son!!! XD


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