14 thoughts on “Straight No Chaser-The 12 Days Of Christmas

  1. Dear Sunny…Oh, I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment you left on my blog, Beautiful Girlhood the other day…I am delighted to ”meet” you! Making new friends in this lovely blog world always brings a smile to my face!
    Hope we can blog together more in the future!

    Blessings to you,

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  2. This is one of my FAVORITE CDs!!! I’ve been listening to the Christmas Can Can over and over! I have all their CDs. I LOVE this group!! Did you know that Dan Ponce (the guy sitting on the left) founded this group and is now the news anchor on the WGN news channel of Chicago?

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    • Really, Heather?? Wow, that’s great!! This is the only song by them that I’ve heard so far, but I’m definitely going to check out more!
      Whoa, seriously?! That’s so cool…I wonder if he sings the news broadcasts sometimes–LOL! 😀

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      • Yeah, I don’t know. I never watch him because he does the 5am newscast and I’m never up that early!
        I highly recommend all of their CDs. I’m actually thinking about having some of my dolls “act out” one of my favorite of their Christmas songs and posting it on my blog. We’ll see if it works because the song goes really fast.

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