BBPIC Entry 1

Hi all! Megan is holding a “Boring Into Beautiful” photo contest, and I decided to enter! In case you’re wondering, I’m on Team Daffodil.

Anyway, the first category for the contest is Animals. Here is my entry:


I took this picture at the beach a few years ago. My family was sitting in chairs across from the ocean, and this seagull landed right in front of our seats! He was so close to us that it was kind of creepy…but it made for a great photo opportunity! 😀

Hope you enjoyed! I’ll see you all soon!


37 thoughts on “BBPIC Entry 1

  1. Nice picture! Good luck in the contest! 😀
    Every time a Seagull is anywhere near me I always freak out because once at Sea World (I’m not sure if I told you this before… I feel like I told someone online, so if it was you, then sorry 😛 ) a seagull flew over my head, stole my sandwich as I was eating it and it’s wing hit me on the head! So now I always feel super scared when there’s a seagull by me LOL! I even remember screaming once and hiding cause one came near me while we were eating at Disneyland XD

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    • Hi Genna! Unfortunately, I really don’t think I’m able to join right now. :/ I have a lot going on and really can’t juggle two blogs. Thank you so much for asking me, though-I am EXTREMELY flattered and honored! 😀
      I hope you can find someone else to join! 🙂
      Have a good night, and thanks again for thinking of me! ❤


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