From A Name On A Page, To A Real Character

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about something that I think is very important when writing a story…character descriptions.

I find that I’m more likely to write about a character if I write a detailed description about them first. This could include (but of course isn’t limited to), the way they look, their traits/personality, hobbies or interests that they might have, what annoys them, etc.

Here are a couple of examples of character descriptions I wrote earlier today. They are character sketches of the cousins from my story I started work on this week (who are all based on/inspired by some of the members of the Christian group Avalon). I hope these will help you!!

*Note: These are also the same cousins from my story The Cousins Next Door. 😉 *

Cherie-Cherie has long, curly black hair and brown eyes. Out of the four cousins, she is the “shy one” and can also be sensitive. Cherie’s parents died in a car crash when she was nine; this may explain why she is sensitive. Cherie is close with her cousin Janna, but is also extremely close to her cousin Michael, who she lives with and who is also like a brother to her. Cherie is known to become jealous when Michael acts friendly toward other girls. Cherie also loves to travel and dreams of being a world traveler someday.

I put Cherie first because she’s the “main” character in my story. When writing descriptions, I would suggest that you write sketches of the most important characters first, then the supporting characters later.

Janna-Janna has long, straight brown hair and brown eyes. She likes to take charge but also can be agreeable to others’ ideas at times. She enjoys photography and is often annoyed by her cousin Jody’s antics. Janna is also very close to Cherie. She can be outspoken at times as well.

Michael-The oldest of the four cousins. Michael is somewhat laid-back and easygoing. He has a love for writing, especially poems, and has a soft spot for animals. He has blond hair and bright blue eyes. Michael is quite protective of Cherie and has been since she came to live with him and his family after the car crash. He often affectionately refers to his cousin as “Cherie-girl”.

Jody-Jody has dark spiky hair and brown eyes. He is very immature (talking with his mouth full, etc.) and hyper. Like Janna, he is not afraid to speak his mind, especially if he dislikes something.

Here are some things to remember:

-Don’t feel bad if you don’t have much written down about your character(s) yet. It might take quite a while to develop a personality and background for him/her. I’m just beginning to figure out the personalities of these characters, and this is my second time writing about them!

-When writing your descriptions, you do not have to use full sentences if you don’t want to! I just like to because it helps me to get my thoughts in order, but you can use bullet points, dashes, draw pictures, whatever you want!

-Most importantly, HAVE FUN! 😀

If you have any more writing questions, just ask me in the comments!! Happy Writing!


24 thoughts on “From A Name On A Page, To A Real Character

  1. Great post! I really need to start doing this… I never write out anything about my characters, so I feel like a lot of them seem like the same person 😛 I really need to start actually planning things though. I never really plan cause I’m just dying to start writing, but I know if I plan, then it’ll probably make things easier when I’m writing! 🙂

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